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  • Installing Carpet

    I'm planning to install berber carpet in 2 rooms (rental property; approx. 15 x 14 each).

    I'm a home repair beginner and I'm wondering if it's better to pay Home Depot ($7.00 sq yd; approx $400.00 for my 2 rooms) or try to install the carpet myself (with the help of some buddies)?

    Any suggestions? Do-it-myself or Pay Home Depot (free padding with install...padding is 24cent sq ft)?

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    In most instances laying carpet is not a difficult job, aside from the fact the carpet is heavy and awkward but you have one additional consideration. The room is 14 x 15 and carpet comes in 12 foot widths so you will have to make at least one seam across the entire room. The preferred method is to use a seaming iron and carpet hot glue tape. Not a difficult job, but one the requires a bit of practice to make a good invisible seam.

    To lay the carpet you begin by installing the tackless carpet bar strips around the perimeter of the room, then lay the padding, taping the padding seams to insure the padding wont move once its in place. Lay out the carpet being very careful to insure the grain of the pattern is square with the room, press the carpet into the tackless on one side, then using a knee kicker or power strecter pull the carpet tight to the opposite wall and set in place.

    I think the price quote you got for the installation may be a bit bmuch, but there are many determining factors in those estimates. First, is the room furnished, and if so, who is responsible for moving the furnishings? Is there carpet in the room now, and if so, who is responsible for pulling it up and disposing it?

    You may want to call around to a few carpet stores and get the names of some installers they use, then get competitive bids.

    As far as having friends help, that would depend totally upon the skills of the help. Sometimes people mean well, but in the end they prove to be more of a liability than a help.