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Transition from lino to carpet: on concrete


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  • Transition from lino to carpet: on concrete

    Completing a basement laundry area with a concrete floor. Where the washer and drier go I'd like linoleum; the rest of the basement will be carpet, taped in place. I'd like a decent transition between the two, but with the concrete floor and nothing to nail to I'm not sure how to handle it. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.


    - Wm
    Bill in Kansas City, MO

    Measure with a micrometer
    Mark with a crayon
    Cut with an axe.

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    You can install a conventional metal carpet to vinyl strip by drilling into the concrete and setting plastic expansion anchors, then screw into the anchors.

    It is basically a simple job. Any 3/8 or heavier drill equiped with the appropriate masonay bit should handle the job.


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      If you are good with a tablesaw, you can make a threshold between the two. That's what I did - carpet to a lino floor upstairs in my bathroom. I used a piece of 1X6. I cut two bevels on the topside of the board. I measured the thickness of the carpet pile to the backing and removed this amount of wood, then I removed just enough for the lino thickness. the wood left in the middle sat flush on the floor. I fasted the whole thing using sheetrock screws into the fllor. You'd need masonry fasteners for your project. Then stained and urethaned the strip. Hasn't moved yet!