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Rebuilding a garage floor for an apartment


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  • Rebuilding a garage floor for an apartment

    Hi there.
    I'm new here, and I know very little about large scale remodeling/repair projects. Luckily, my dad is an all-around handyman and knows how to get things done...... if they're possible.

    Which is why I'm here. I'm wondering if something I was thinking of is possible, or if there are any suggestions as to what my best course of action would be.

    Here's my dilemma...

    My house has a detached one-car garage, which includes an effeciency apartment. The original garage was built c.1950, but the apartment was built much later -- around 1992. The entire building is on a thin concrete slab. It clearly wasn't intended to be a foundation for living quarters. Thus after years of settling and garage use, the slab has cracked and settled to ground level.

    The grounds were also not well kept prior to my moving there. The ground actually slopes down toward the slab, causing flooding whenever there is heavy rain... The water actually seeps into that corner of the apartment. This has caused some water damage, including soaking and ruining relatively new carpet, which had to be torn out.

    First of all, I am aware that the ground needs to be graded and new gutters installed. But I'm afraid that alone won't stop the flooding or moisture from getting inside. This room is being used for storage right now, but I really wanted to make it my home office.

    My "impossible" idea was to rebuild the foundation around six inches higher.... without demolishing the entire structure. Would I just cut out six or so inches of drywall and lay forms over the concrete? Doors and plumbing would have to be moved a bit higher, but that shouldn't be a problem.... that's if this idea is even possible.

    So what do you think?

    Can it be done? And if not, does anyone have any idea what can be done. I don't have the money to demolish the entire structure, and the wiring, plumbing, etc. are all new. So let me know what you think.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Normally on slab construction the footer is excavated, then a concrete footer is poured.

    Once the footer has had a minimum cure time, a masonary block footer wall is built up.

    After the necessary below grade electrical, plumbing, and other systems are put in place, the fill dirt is then graded, and the concrete floor is poured in place.

    If the floor has settled as you suggest, there is possibly two problems. Either the fill was not properly compacted prior to pouring the floor, or you may have a serious sub-floor erosion problem from the ground water entering the structure.

    If the problem is a result of sub-floor erosion it may require breaking out the concrete in the effected area, applying additional fill material and compacting, prior to pouring a new floor.

    While pouring a new layer of concrete is a viable option, it would not be advisable if their is a sub-floor problem.


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      Thanks much!!