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  • Carpeting

    I need help with seaming advice.


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    In order to effectively seam carpet both mating edges need to be cut almost perfectly straight.

    The preferred method of seeming jute backed carpet is by means of a carpet seaming iron and hot melt glue tape.

    The seams are matched up, then open the seam to insert a strip of the hot melt glue tape, glue side up, under the carpet.

    The seaming iron is then set on the tape and it melts the glue as it is drawn along the seam.

    The two mating edges of the carpet are then matched and pressed into place in the hot glue.

    After the glue has had a few minutes to cool a seam tractor is run back and forth across the seam to lift the carpet fibers and complete the seam. a carpet seam tractor has one or more rows of pointed washers on an axle, and as it is rolled along the seam the points lift the carpet filiments to conceal the seam.

    Carpet seaming irons are fairly expensive, but usually you can rent a seaming iron, seam tractor and knee kicker at any local tool rental shop.

    Whenever you have to make a long seam, such as across a room, it is best to layout the carpet so that the seam will not be in a high traffic area.