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putting new hardwood floor?


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  • putting new hardwood floor?

    I have an old house built on peers with an original hardwood floor(no subfloor). I am going to put new tongue and groove floor over the original. Is the best way to do this to nail it to the old floor using a nail gun or just buy an adhesive and do it that way. Also, I would like to level the floor. I bought some floor leveler. Can you nail through the floor leveler? Is there an electric nail gun I can use to do this, and if so what type do I need? Would like to rent the nail gun.

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    I would begin by putting an underlayment down..Those old floor planks have a dramatic change in dimension from humidity and floor leveler would crack out.


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      I agree with Lazypup - use an underlayment with a waterproof construction adhesive and sheetrock screws at least one foot on center. You should be able to rent the angular nailer for the tongue and groove


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        There is a thread called "some questions about wood floor underlayment" or something like that a little farther down this same page. It was a pretty good thread about putting down wood floors. It would be worth your time to go read through it completely.