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Re-painting the basement


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  • Re-painting the basement

    Hi, I've read through many of the answers regarding painting on cement, but wanted to know if any of you have experience with re-painting. I'm sure this is latex paint that is down now, but it's old (~40yrs), looks good, but has been worn and I'd just like to change it. I know there are places where there is an occasional, small amount moisture, mostly with heavy rains and mostly in corners. Would there be any chance I could just use another latex on top of this if I clean it really well? I do believe it was 'concrete' paint that was used, but can't be sure. Anyone have a specific brand that has worked better than another?
    Thanks so much for your time.

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    As long as the paint is firm to the wall and not flaking off you could just re paint with a good quality latex paint. Preparation will be the key to a good job, clean the surface down well before applying a new coat.
    You could also paint with drylock a water barrier paint if you want to try to stop the moisture entering the basement.
    WARNING: drylock will give a very textured finish to the walls that is not easily removable, so think carefully before taking this option.
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      Damp walls.....

      Had that moisture issue in a past house. At the corners just as you said. It kinda looks like a Christmas tree where it's narrow at the top and gets wider near the floor. I found the moisture occured only where there was a downspout. The spout ends were only the stubs about 4 inches long. I added three foot extenders to them and that problem was immediately cured! I also painted the wall with Add-Rock. Went on with a wall paper paste brush. Very heavy and gave a textured look and feel, just as Pushkins says. Didn't have anymore problems after that. Oh yeah, the walls were already painted and a lot of that was flaking off due to the fluorescing from the water. Had to scrape and wire brush 'till I met hard surface, painted or not.