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Vinyl Flooring / Fiberglass Tub Enclosure


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  • Vinyl Flooring / Fiberglass Tub Enclosure

    Several years ago a contractor installed a vinyl (sheet) floor in our bathroom. Where the flooring edge meets the tub enclosure was caulked (filled) with a white material which is now starting to crack? Several Questions.. (1) what material would I purchase to replace this cracking white joint sealant and (2) is there an easy way to remove the old material without damaging the flooring / tub or does it have to be removed?

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    You need to remove any of the existing caulk that is loose or cracked, the best way is with a flat blade like a little scrapper or if your really careful a sharp flat razor scrapper.
    To reseal it with 100% silicone, you can get at Lowe's/HD a 3 hour dry product, so you can use the bath that night if you need.
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      are the "goods" coming up where the caulking is cracked? this would indicate water getting down underneath the vinyl and swelling the wood underneath. do what pushkins says - use a stiff scraper.


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        Not yet

        The fllor and vinyl is solid.. the crack in the caulking is dry and no water has even touched it..