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Floor material for small hobby shop??


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  • Floor material for small hobby shop??

    I have a small shop (approximately 8 ft x 16 ft) that I use for building models, working on electronics, and other small projects. Currently the floor is a continuation of a brushed surface concrete carport slab. I want to make it look better and easier to kee clean. Looking for suggestions on a flooring material.. So far I have considered (1) laying asphalt colored tile but I don't know if I can do that directly on rough concrete, (2) using that epoxy material with color chips in it, again I don't know how it will adhear to bare concrete and (3) colored rubber matting and cutting it to fit around everything. Any suggestions what I mught use keeping in mind that I don't want to spend a fortune on the job but want something that looks nice, easy to clean and is brighter than concrete.

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    Why not use the rubber mats that interlock together. I use them in my workshop (mainly at the bench), comfortable to stand on and I either broom them off or use the blower vac.
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      If the slab isn't too rough, you can put vinyl composition tile down very inexpensively. I think the last time I bought it I paid around 45 cents a square foot.

      If it is too rough and you wanted to put in VCT, you could skim coat it with a cement-based patch, then VCT.

      VCT is very easy to install, very durable, and easy to clean. I have it in my garage and it works great.