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Flooring Ideas or Suggestions???


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  • Flooring Ideas or Suggestions???

    The room that we enter the house from the carport in has a "Manniington" Cliik Laminate floor installed in conjunction with the other rooms that connect to it. The area directly under the computer chair (circled in red on the photo) is extremely worn / discolored and in one joint area is delaminating.. I need to do something with it BUT what? My first option is to have someone replace the worn/damaged boards as I have a box of un-used flooring left over from the original install... But I am concerned that this might be only temporary fix and the same wearing / de lamination will occur again in several years from the wheels on the chair rolling over it.. Any flooring experts out there that after looking at the attached picture have any other suggestions on what we might to do that would not look like a patch job nor detract from the appearance of the room?

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    Yep, those chairs are laminate killers. You can buy a clear hard plastic mat that sits there and the chair on it, that takes the wear away (similar to the ones for carpet with the little spikes on the rear.
    I have solid bamboo flooring throughout my home and office, I use a low pile rug with great results.
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      If you have enough extra flooring left over, it can certainly be replaced, provided an expansion joint was left around the perimeter of the room.

      I have engineered wood in my office, and a rolling chair. I bought one of these mats a couple of years ago, they work very well.

      Office Depot Brand Economy Chair Mat Wide Lip 45 x 53 Clear by Office Depot


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        I have two office chairs that glide on a masonite floor overlay. Through normal use the casters get gummed up with hair and instead of rolling, scrape across the overlay. Eventually the casters wear away the masonite and start to abrade thefloor boards. Once in a while take the time to remove the hair on the wheel bearing surfaces. It'll save your chair AND flooring.