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    I'm looking to get some feedback for my elderly parents...They have a TRANE HVAC system...they've had it for approximately 8 years...they have it serviced every year.

    All of a sudden, it is screeching and making weird noises (usually more noticeable at night). It has been checked out by 3 different HVAC companies that say they can't find a problem. The only response they got from one company is that it may be receving interference from a neighbor's machine?!?

    What I've noticed from the troubleshooting that i read that it may be a problem with it shorting out?

    If anyone can shine any light on this issue I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you in advance.

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    you have to be more specific. screeching? like a dry bearing or what?


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      ya anyone would need more info to help with that... is it a package or a split system ? if its a split is the screeching coming from indoor unit or outdoor unit? does the screeching start as soon as the unit fires up or after its been running for a bit?
      any infor you can get to put up on the forums helps people help you !


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        I can't see how a neighbor's machine could interfere with your parents unit. most window units use a blower motor that uses a single or dual shaft to a blower. one fan is for the evaporator and the other blows air over the condenser. the fan that blows over the condenser has a slinger on the fan that picks up water and blows it over the condenser to cool it down. bearings used are of the sleeve type - porous bronze sintered bearing.