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How to test fridge compressor windings (and more)


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  • How to test fridge compressor windings (and more)

    I made a couple of videos on troubleshooting fridges - thought you might find them useful.

    If your fridge doesn't start you either have a faulty compressor or a faulty starting circuitry. In order to determine which is it you have to start by testing the windings.

    If the compressor passes the test you can then test the PTC relay - go to my YT channel and watch a video 'how to test a PTC relay' (can't post it here sorry - for some reason the forum has some sort of limit for new members)
    If it turns out that the PTC is indeed broken you just have to order replacement and install it yourself (not really that difficult).

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Name:	2cde3np.jpg
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ID:	87328This is a compressor with a potential relay and start capacitor and run capacitor.
    In this post we only care about the compressors 2 windings which we read by the 3 terminals of the compressor.
    Run and Start and the 2 windings and Common is simply the point at which the 2 windings meet.
    So just for example, if Common to Run is 3 ohms and Common to Start is 5 ohms
    Then between Run and Start terminals should both add up to 8 ohms since 3 plus 5 = 8.