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Computer fans in attic?


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  • Computer fans in attic?

    I had considered the option of augmenting my six Ross 65 roof vents with 250mm computer case fans hooked up to solar power, and perhaps an additional 12VDC source from an old AC/DC adapter. FrozenCPU sells a fan that size with 105 CFM air flow and 19dbA noise level. I would have some advantages of powered venting, and adequate passive venting when the power is shut off.

    Some note that attic fans are capable of pulling air from air conditioned space. But those fans are more powerful than this proposed rig. 630 CFM from computer fans in a roughly 12-by-30 attic shouldn't present that problem, should it?

    (Note: roof pitch is about 10:12.)

    Any problems with this scheme?

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    Let me ask you this: do you have a ridge vent? Along with the ridge vent is there an air space next to the sheathing underneath the insulation? Does your make-up air come from a soffit vent?
    As you know heat rises. Natural air currents from the soffits along the sheathing to the ridge vents setup a convection air current to vent the attic heat. Adding a fan or fans at gable vents would cause problems in the natural air flow. Granted you'd vent an awful lot of heat, but you'd also dry out the sheathing and maybe start a dry rot condition.


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      I have six Ross 65 static vents and 8 soffit vents. No other vents.


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        looks like you may need to step your cpu vent game up my friend.