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  • Fireplace insert

    I have a fireplace in my bedroom that I covered with a plate and installed a Empire LPG heater.
    It's vented into the fireplace through the plate. It works fine. I want to change it to gas logs. I know they must be vented in a bedroom, however, the fireplace is below ground level so the pipe can't exit straight out like a direct vent. How can it be done?

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    Buy a ventless gas log set......easy smeasy. plus they are about the same price and no flue required.
    "Vented " gas log sets must be vented regardless of what room or above or below grade you could still vent them through the plate just like you are now (assuming the new logs are enclosed in a fireplace kit)
    You are also required in VA to have a CO2 detector in any room with a fireplace vented or non vented.
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