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  • Dehumidifier

    I am sure this has been asked before and not sure right place but here goes. Purchased a 100 year old house with a very musty and damp basement. I removed everything that would stop air circulation. Have two small windows at grade level. So my question is . What is better close the basement off and run a large dehumidifier and a fan or open windows and have a intake fan in one window and a exhaust in the other or a combination of both. It would seem the fan option could be sucking in humid air and get absorbed by the wood. This humid condition is only present in the summer as the basement is quite chilly in the winter (Duluth Mn)

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    I have placed a box fan in the access to underneath my home to dry out the ground after a water leak, I would open it up and run a fan, that should be more than sufficient.


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      Is the house drafty (probably). My basement stays above 60 degF in the winter (1924 house). The outside humidity is normally above 50% (+90% overnight) so I always keep my windows closed.

      I use several 24" box fans to circulate the basement air. I also use a 6" inline duct fan connected to a carbon filter to "freshen" my attic air (just circulates/filters the air). You could also use it in your basement (reviewers are amazed at odors eliminated by these carbon filters).


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        What I use is a Radon fan (rated 100% duty) exhausting basement air and draw in fresh air from a floor register on the 1st floor and close off the basement to the outside.


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          When I had a water heater leak that soaked sub flooring, drywall, insulation, floor joists, studs I removed the affected sub floor, drywall, and insulation then used a dehumidifier and window fans to remove the moisture from the studs/floor joists before putting in new sub floor and drywall. I left the fans and dehumidifier running 24/7 for about 2 weeks before the moisture content of the wood was low enough to close it back up. I didn't introduce any exterior air that might add to the humidity problem. I'd also suggest looking for any mold that might be present. If there's any found here's what I used to kill it. After treating with this paint the surface with Kilz to keep the mold from coming back. 6 months later and there's no musty/mold smell.
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