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Ac unit inoperative Gmc.

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  • Ac unit inoperative Gmc.

    Hello everyone and thanks for your time.

    I'm having a bit of a issue with my ac unit.
    First I'll give you the back ground info.
    I bought the house last year (in the middle of winter)
    The house is strong and we'll put together. Have had little to no issues out of it....
    The ac unit is a gmc? Last Saturday the unit would not fully come on. The top fan would engage but at only 1/4 of its normal speed....
    I messed with it a bit and got no results. Finely I let it set for several hours... when I started messing with it again I checked the fuse box of the house.... that's when I found two brakers (linked together on a slide) I noticed one was thrown and the other was set.... I rest the two together and boom everything was working great again....
    Everything was great until yesterday. Same issues.... this time no thrown braker.... ):.....
    Iv checked everything I can think of. Iv replaced the capacitor with a new one (locke supply) verified it was the correct one... 27$.

    Symptoms are -
    Top fan spins slowly (1/4 speed)
    Every 3 mins or so you can hear a (grrring) sound from the compressor. the noise will last roughly 10 secs and then remain silent for 3 more mins. The noise sounds like the system is trying to fire up.

    These are the same issues I had the first time... only after I changed the capacitor the noise increased in sound a little.
    I'm a single working dad with 2 boys. I need to get the cool back into my home. I don't have much to to research and throw money around....
    Anyone have any suggestions. Thanks