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Honeywell electronic Air Cleaner - popping noise


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  • Honeywell electronic Air Cleaner - popping noise

    OK, this is an older F50F (20x25) electronic air filter. When powered on and the system fan activates the filter makes a constant popping noise and the neon light flashes rapidly. This is the same discharge noise that I used to hear occasionally but now if I power it on I get this rapid popping noise. I turned it off and check the cells. The wires are good and no damaged plates. I suspect it might be the power supply - any thoughts?

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    the popping noise is the high voltage arcing somewhere inside to a ground. some older dust collectors had needle like projections close to the negative plates inside. if the plate(s) were bent, the arc distance was reduced and you'd get the arcing. the air cleaner has a transformer that puts out about 10,000 volts - rectified D.C. if dusts collect on the pins, they will arc to ground. its sort of like a bug zapper people have out of doors. if a bug gets trapped between the two grids, the bug will cook until its burnt to a crisp. the dust in yours is just burning off. blow it out with a strong air jet. that should eliminate the popping.


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      Cool beans !

      I will unplug it and remove the top -then give it a good dusting and let you know.


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        Well it worked - kinda I took the power unit off - blew the dust off and put it back - the constant popping went away - but every minute or so it would still pop. I took it back apart and found a large, thin white circuit of some kind that had a broken connector - soldered that joint and poof no more popping.

        Thanks for the tip - I never would have found the issue otherwise!