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Changed Circuit Board - left over wires


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  • Changed Circuit Board - left over wires

    Hello all, I have an older Lennox 80UHG4-75 that stopped working. After some forum searching I concluded that the circuit board was bad. I ordered a new one but it is a different wiring layout than the old one. I installed it and figured out the wiring, I believe correctly, except for two things. The new board has a Surelight ignition system, and the old one did not. The new board has a 4 prong receptacle for the ignitor and the air inducer wires. On the old board these components were spade plugged into the board. I believe if I change the connectors on the inducer to fit the receptacle that will take care of that however the spark ignitor only has one spaded wire whereas the circuit board has a hot and a neutral slot. My question is, do I need to purchase a Surelight ignitor, and does is have 2 wires to it? Or is there a way to connect the neutral side to whatever is grounding the ignitor? Any advice? By the way the cooling circuit works just fine so I'm okay till winter. ( California)