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"Normal" frequency of service calls

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  • "Normal" frequency of service calls

    We are in the ever so fortunate position of having to get a new furnace. The model we have currently has given us, in my opinion, substandard performance. I voiced this opinion to the dealership we are currently doing business with, and he felt that the level of service calls we have had are pretty much normal. The furnace was installed in 1996. Their database records only go back to 2000, and since then, we have had service calls for “no heat” on an average of once every two years. I feel this is too many; the dealer says it is pretty much the norm. What have others seen in regards to the level of service required from their furnaces? Any input would be great. Thanks.

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    When you buy a car do you just drive it without getting it serviced once in a while.On your furnace do you just turn up the t-stat and expect everything is ok .You had a call on the avarage every two years. What were the problems found on these no heat calls? Doesnt seem like alot of problems if you were not getting it checked before heating season.


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      it would help if we knew what TYPE of furnace you are referring to. is it a gas, oil, or propane/??
      a gas or propane burner type furnace may go for several years if the filter is periodically changed and the ducts are of adequate size,etc.
      if it is a oil burner type then it should have a routine tune-up once EVERY a year. This should include oil filter, nozzle, electrode cleaning and air/fuel mixture setting. Also the blower air filter should be cleaned or changed every 2 months or so depending on the activity of the household, especially one with pets.


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        Furnace is propane; forced air. Regular maintenance (every 2 -3 years) has been done on this unit. We have had one cat in the house up until 2 years ago; nothing now.
        Dealer only has records for the last nine years in their database. This furnace was installed new in 1996. Of those service calls, 3 were for igniters, one for a blower motor. I did ask questions of over two dozen friends / associates to see how often they have had emergency no heat calls, and the results range from once every 5 years to not even once in 23 years. (I find that one pretty hard to believe though)
        Yes; I realize that this is a system that will need regular maintenance / upkeep and repairs at some point. It seems to me that every other year is excessive on this new of a unit.


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          regular maintenance is required on anything mechanical that you wish to perform "as if new." heating plants that you have are required to heat non stop over a six month heating period. regular cleaning, changing filters during non heat season would be first priority. changing oil on a regular basis in your car is necessary for long life! do you wait until the oil is all gummed up into sludge? no, you change it on a 3000 mile cycle. why should your heating plant suffer when you want it to perform.