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Wesco Electric Furnace - Breaker Constantly Trips


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  • Wesco Electric Furnace - Breaker Constantly Trips

    I'll gather more details when I get home tonight, but wanted to put my feelers out in case anyone had any ideas.

    Right now my Wesco electric forced-air furnace is consistently tripping one of the built-in breaker switches after about 4 or 5 minues of use. I plan to crack open the electrical service panel after work today and am wondering what sorts of things I should look for. Any ideas? Any common problems with this brand/model that might be the cause?

    I'll snag the model number and update here when I find it...

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    find the wiring diagram on the furnace and then find the breaker that is tripping. look for any device in THAT breaker circuit. usually circuit breakers and fuses L1 are on the left side of the document and utilization devices - center and right of center. the neutral or L2 is on the right.
    Instantaneous tripping indicates a direct short to ground. A timed trip could indicate a bad motor bearing heating up and expanding putting a greater load on the motor. A relay or contactor coil is either good or bad, not intermittent.