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Squirrel Cage Fan wiring


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  • Squirrel Cage Fan wiring

    I have a squirrel Cage fan I am installing in my garage and I don't know if it is complete or how to wire it correctly for 110v AC operation.

    there are 2 wires that come out of the motor, one is brown the other is blue, and both wires are connected to a 2 terminal capacitor, and there is a connection terminal on the motor with 3 spade connector positions, low med and high, but there are no external wires connected to it. i have no clue how to wire this. Any ideas?


    ok...well last night I decided to find out exactly what i was dealing with. Here is what i found.

    The Electric Motor is 208-230vAC 7.5 Amps There is no 110-125vAC operation spec on the motor.

    That solves a huge problem.

    Ok so i need to hook it up to my 220 outlet. I can do that, the heck do I wire this thing?

    I have taken the Experimental route and have come up with some results, but nothing im happy with. For instance, If I hook L1(120vac) to Yellow Terminal on Capacitor, and the Purple Line(Run circuit I believe) to the Yellow terminal on the capacitor, then the L2 (120vac) to the Unmarked terminal on the capacitor, the a Jumper lead from L2/Unmarked Terminal to the High speed position on the motor, I will run, but starts very slowly.

    If I then hook the Brown Lead to the Common, The Motor will spin up fast, but will not accellerate to full RPM until i disconnect the brown lead from the common. Fan then Spins at high RPM and seems to operate correctly.

    I know I don't have this right, It should just come on and run. hope this gives a clearer picture of what im trying to work with.

    Thanks in advance.
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