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Replacing old fireplace with a new pellet stove insert


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  • Replacing old fireplace with a new pellet stove insert

    In our old ancestral home of around 1700 sq ft we have an old fireplace. We are planning to replace that area with a new pellet stove insert. Did some basic digging around and saw this page listing the best pellet stove inserts. I like the Napoleon's Insert EPI-1402M which looks good and has a BTU output of 70.000 which is enough for my 1700 sq ft home. I wanted to know if we have chosen a good model or should we chose some other brand over Napoleon. Pls suggest.

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    The Napoleon Insert EPI-1402M looks like a great product, yet on every site I looked: it is out of stock. If you are able to find it, I would recommend getting it. Nice job finding a reputable product, and good luck!


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      I also like the Timberwolf's Economizer but the Napoleon model is more preferable to us.