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Tape for sealing gaps around a window A/C


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  • Tape for sealing gaps around a window A/C

    I have a window air conditioner. The hardware around the unit is kinda wonky and there are big gaps. Previously someone sealed it with some kind of foam tape that left gooey adhesive on the wooden window.

    I have it sealed for now with duct tape but I know that will be even worse after some time. I want to know of something better for sealing the gaps. Or maybe there is sone higher quality way to mount a window a/c other than the flaky hardware that came with the A/C?

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    You can definitely build a frame to enclose it better than the adjustable mount that comes with the AC. That would be best. Otherwise I would suggest foam or similar to close the gap. Send us a picture and maybe someone can give more specific advice!

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