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Combustion motor bearings installed !!

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  • Combustion motor bearings installed !!

    Thank you to everyone who replied to my first post. My son-in-law, my son and I tackled the Monitor 441 Friday evening and soon had pieces all over the floor. The bearings from ebay were perfect (5 for $4.99 inc. shipping). Everything went back together just fine and the heater is running but you can't hear it running until the blower comes on then just barely.

    Thanks again !! Anyone with a Monitor should have this site in their favorites.

    My son-in-law, as I said before, is a service tech with a local HVAC company said he is really impressed with the design of the Monitor and Now with the service manual from this site and the knowledge from the people on this site he feels that we can continue to keep the little heater running.

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    Can you tell me the part number of the bearings?


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      they're just 608Z. same bearings as used on inline skates but at half the price monitor charges


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        Search ebay for skate, inline skate or skateboard bearings on ebay. There are sellers selling these bearings for as low as opening bid of $4.99 for 8 sealed bearings with free shipping or 8 bearings for $5.50 buy it now with free shipping.
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          Test setup for flamerod

          Test setup for flamerod. a 1n4004 diode, a 100K resistor, hookup wire and two alligator clips