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Monitor 2400 Maintenance


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    simple troubleshooting

    Before you tear down the whole heater you should try to clean the flame sensor and window first. More than likely there is nothing wrong with your blower motor. You seem to have proved that the fuel is flowing into the sump. The E13 message means the stove either did not light or the computer did not recognize a flame. I would bet the flame sensor has carbon on it and is fooling the computer. If you clean both the sensor and window you may be surprised with the results. There is also the chance the stove will light but will still need work. You will be able to figure that out by having a clean window so you can view the flame. Do the simple stuff first before you tear down the whole heater. Clean the sensor and window, remove the fuel line from the burner to prove the pump and flow. All this can be done with a Phillips head screw driver and a crescent wrench. If you buy the two gaskets from your dealer they will cost $15.00 or so. The whole job can be done in 15 minutes.

    Good luck,



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      Burn matt

      I haven't picked up my used 2400 yet so I have no idea what the burn matt
      looks like.
      I have seen pics of the matt,it shows a hole in the middle,cutting your own,
      how do you know placement of hole ?



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        burner mat

        there is a pdf drawing to scale of the burner mat somewhere in this forum.
        this will pretty much orientate the line up on the mat.


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          bun matt

          Thanks for quick reply, I don't know if I need one but would love to find the
          drawing,also the material used for matts ,just to have on hand.
          Picked up the 2400 today $500, couldn't believe it when I seen it,absolutely
          looks brand new,he said he used it 2 1/2 winters and paid 1600 for it,been in storage covered up 3 years,will start install this week


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