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Flue pipe components, dealer replies welcome


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  • Flue pipe components, dealer replies welcome

    I'm trying an interior wall installation, flue length 48" with two 90's. I found an ebay seller who deals Monitor and Toyo parts, and he used my sketch to send a 'plug and play' flue extension. Problem: his pipes didn't fit together at the joint closest to the heater. I have a male x male where I need a female X male elbow connector. Does anyone know if Monitor made a short Fem x Fem union? - my manual states "special flue installation - custom components purchased from your dealer" Thanks, Gary

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    Are you using the old Monitor flue pipe (through the wall pipe)? If so, and if you got a Monitor flue extension, yes there is a female to female pipe that is part of the kit. Could you take a picture of your extension and your through the wall pipe? Thanks, Tom


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      Thanks Tom - I had forgotton the final fitting in the heater is a female, as it's out of sight in the garage. The flue pieces I purchased contained exacty what I needed, and I notice the seller posts here also. My bad. Gary


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        Good deal. You must have gotten the Monitor Part>