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422 Flame Sensor


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  • 422 Flame Sensor

    Anyone got a 422 flame sensor they want to sell cheap (new or used)? I was able to pick up an extra burn chamber minus the igniter and flame rod. I already have an extra igniter. The reason I want a flame sensor is so I can have a complete burn chamber rebuilt and ready to go in at a moments notice.
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    Whats going on with Hickory Home and Gardens and Monitor parts? I dont see anything on their website about Monitor.


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      HHG never had their Monitor parts listed on their web site but if you'll call the number they have listed on their web site and tell them what you're calling about they'll help you with them. I may end up calling them about a flame sensor, I just thought I'd see if anyone here had one they wanted to get rid of first. There's another seller on eBay that has a new flame sensor listed for the 422 for just under $40.


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        Found a used flame sensor from a forum member. Thanks msearcher. This is twice you've come through with the parts I needed to repair my 422.