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  • Monitor441 random shut dowm

    Having some trouble with a 441 . Serviced it last summer , cleaning , burner mat , blower bearings . Burner ring very slightly warped , reused . Unit worked good for several weeks then flashing lights . Started right up for another few weeks , then flashing lights . It is now down to a day or two before shut down . Filter on tank and unit changed/cleaned after first shutdown . Is there any testing method for any of the shut down sensors ? Thanks for any help .

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    We woke up one morning awhile back to flashing status bars. I loosened up the screws to the flame sensor, wiggled it around a little bit and tightened the screws back down. I think maybe in my case it was just carbon bridged between the flame sensor and flame ring. This was probably over a month ago and it's been doing fine ever since. I've had this same problem in the past and usually just loosening and wiggling the flame sensor around a little takes care of the problem for several months.