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Monitor 2200 repairs


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  • Monitor 2200 repairs

    Thanks to those who have helped me with my 422 heaters. I’m exploring alternatives, as the components are aging. My garage M2400 runs great. It gets little use, so I have no repair history for this generation. There isn’t much on this forum about the 2200. Is it worth considering one I found locally, or a better idea to move on to the newer Toyo models? It’s enough of a challenge finding parts for the more popular Monitors, which it seems the 2200 was not. Thanks for any input. Gary

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    Monitor parts are becoming harder to find everyday. It has been since about 2008 since parts have been made for any of the Monitor line. The M2200 was one of the last models made and had a very short run. It has very few parts that are interchangeable with the older models.

    I run a Monitor heater in my house. It was installed in 1997. To be on the safe side in case of a break down I keep a blower motor and a overhauled combustion chamber on hand with all the gaskets needed to change things out. I also have the stove connected to a quality voltage regulator. This is about the minimum needed to keep a Monitor running.

    In the case of a Monitor 2200, the competitor's unit Toyo Laser 56 or OM 23 or Laser 530 are very similar. The Toyo 20K BTU heater are all very good units. If it was me and you needed a 20K BTU unit I would go with a Toyo. Same heat output, parts available and a very good reputation.

    Tom H


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      Thanks, Tom. I recall a previous post where you went with a 530. I keep a similar selection of Monitor parts next to my kitchen table, and also went with the regulator/UPS (36 hours). The extra money for the current model does makes the most sense. It’s not a luxury item


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        Toyo just announced about 2 weeks ago that the 560 is going to be discontinued. But if you can get one they are great heaters. Should be able to get parts for many years even though its no longer being made.

        If it was me, and I could get and rebuild a 2200 for less then $500 thats what I would do. They are great heaters. I also have its big brother the 2400 and its rock solid. I dont buy old heaters though. It just does not pay off. I have aquired for free about five 422s over the last three months, I can rebuild them for $150. Thats hard to beat.