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m2400 -- shuts off after 2 weeks working fine


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  • m2400 -- shuts off after 2 weeks working fine

    I have replace/cleaned all filters, replaced the flame rod. Unit will run for about 2 weeks, then throw an e14 code. It mostly happens when there is cold weather, like below 25 degrees. The unit will fire up and run without problem after the code happens. The unit thermostat is set for 50 deg. This house is a summer house and I like to keep it at 50 for who knows why. I have had the unit for 10 years and have done minimal maintenance. THoughts ? Does it need a cleaning of some sort. I do not want to invest a lot into the unit. The house is on an island and most kerosene people on the island have converted to propane. Hence my reluctance to invest in kerosene since the ferry charge (split between customers) has steady gone up.

    Thank for your help.

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    Because the unit is ten years old I would say it is time for a combustion chamber overhaul. A new burner mat and burner ring with all the needed gaskets is the minimum. The minute the burner ring gets any warp at all, the unit will not operate normally. You can expect $200 to $400 depending on condition.