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  • Monitor 441 Issues

    Hello everyone!

    I am watching a friends house for a few months while he is out of town. I came home from work yesturday to find that the house was very cold and that the 441 Monitor was off and flashing "88:88".

    I got online and found the user manual and under the troubleshooting section it said that it has something to do with a power failure, and that makes sense because I live in an area where power outages are common.

    The manual said that I had to reprogram the timer. I did so but, but now after a few min of working, the "Burner Status" bar starts to flash.

    I need some help folks. How can I fix this?!

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    After a power outage the computer needs to be reset. the only way to do this is to unplug the heater, wait a few seconds and plug it back in. press CLEAR, TIME/TEMP and reset your setpoint [DESIRED ROOM TEMP] and then SET. The heater will go through a purge time of 300 seconds. During this time the igniter will heat up. After purge, the fuel pump turns on ONLY if the start permissives are closed. These are two plenum overheat switches and an air proving switch [ that thing that looks like a small double sided pie pan with a switch mounted to it] with a hose going into the blower. Once the fuel ignites the flamerod is supposed to detect the flame. it is basically a high temp wire mounted so it's in the middle between the burner ring and the side of the combustion pot. the air in this gap ionizes [ that is it condcuts electricity in one direction only D.C. ] and presents itself to the lockout electronics. If there is a flame then the heater continues to operate and may shift into high heat trying to meet the set point setting. When the heat approaches the set point the heat rate throttles back but may overshoot the set point by 2 or four degrees. This is normal for this system. Reasons for shutdown and possible lockout are:
    Insufficient combustion air, No fuel, No flame, plenum overheat computer not reset.


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      Monitor Heater

      I have been searching the web for a site to help me with my problem. I just joined because this is the best info I have found anywhere. I have an M2400 that I just disassembled. I found the burn ring warped and the mat in pieces. Also, the igniter shield is loose on one end. Saw no evidence of its being attached. Is this normal? If not, can it be spot welded?

      Thank you for the great info and to the forum for being there. I am going to contact McMaster-Carr for gasket material. If the igniter shield thing is a real problem, I'll probably get a new pot and ring.


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        by igniter shield, you mean the channel at the bottom of the burner pot? this is normally riveted to the bottom of the pot. if you can get a torch inside the pot, have it tig welded. don't go putting any holes in the burner pot. the burner mat needs to be glued down to the burner pot bottom with rutland #77. a warped burner ring does no good. replace it. check elsewhere in this area for monitors for burner mat material. get this also at mc master-carr. monitor will want $55 for a mat. you can get a coated ceramic fiber mat from mc master.


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          Monitor Issues

          Thank you HayZee 518. Just what I needed to know. I have the pot out and will take it to a very competent shop to have the u-shaped igniter shield tig welded. I found the gasket material at McMaster Carr and will do a search for the mat material. Thanks again.


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            Hayzee, I truly hate being a pest but, do you know the product number and/or page number for the burner mat material at McMaster you mentioned? I'm not the most educated person regarding items like that. I hope that someday you will be rewarded for all you do on this forum. Thanks!


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              I went back looking at my past Monitor posts and found the sheet goods stock number at mcmaster-carr. 8838K2 - .040 thick - $11.40 for a piece a foot wide X three feet long. The burner mat is shaped like the letter D with a slot, u shaped to clear the igniter channel. take a look in the forum dated 8/30/2008 HVAC > Monitor Heaters > The Definitive Monitor Thread. There's a lot of pages but a lot of issues too! References to materials purchased for the Monitor. Nelson & Small in Maine has Monitor parts for mail order.


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                A simple "Thank You" will never be enough but, "THANK YOU"!!



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                  just some more info for you.
                  McMaster-Carr stock number 93235K11 - 24 inches X 6ft piece is $40.81


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                    Received my order from McMaster-Carr today. I've got enough here to rebuild both my Monitors with a lot left over. So much cheaper than Monitor. I"ve been cleaning the pot and all the surfaces where gaskets are required. The burn ring should be here by Monday. I'm picking up some Rutland 77 tomorrow to glue the mat down as per your instructions. I should fire it up next week and if everything goes ok, will start on the other one. I'll post the outcome for this one after I fire it up. Thanks for all the info and guidance.