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M422 resetting even when not heating


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  • M422 resetting even when not heating

    Hi I have M422 heater that has worked great in my house since I've been here for 4 years.
    I use it maybe once or twice A-day is the day for one burn cycle during the Winter before I'm able to start a fire. It still works great but I've noticed this year that it randomly turns off. I would think this is a burn issue but it does it when it's not even running. It makes a beeping noise flashes resets to the temperature set on the bottom right side of the unit. I usually hear this 2 or 3 times A-day if I'm in my house. Has nothing to do when when the unit is running it's just when it's plugged in and on it resets in 5 seconds. The problem I'm having is if it's in the middle of a burn cycle it resets it resets and all the heat stays trapped in the heater and doesn't activate the fan. Any ideas what this could be could it be a control board issue or something different because the unit works great fires correctly Burns there's correctly Burns and activates with no errors either than what is stated. Any help is great senses are not on the markets and replacement is quite costly.

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    I would say you have a problem with the wiring on that circuit of your house. The socket or the circuit breaker for that circuit could be weak. Is your unit dusty? If it is real dusty, I would unplug the unit and blow it off. It is too hard to vacume out the inside, that is why I mentioned blowing it out. You can clean the fan and cover off as well.
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