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Montor 41 Flame and 88:88 problem


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  • Montor 41 Flame and 88:88 problem

    Ay Monitor 41 can be made to startup with a push of auto button. The room heats up and then the Monitor shutdown. This is normal. The problem is when the room cools and the heater needs to restart. At this point, the normal startup occurs for a number of minutes. A beautiful blue flame can be seen through the site glass on the burn chamber. After the start up period, the heater shutsdown and flashs Burner and 88:88 on the screen as if is had loss power and failed to reset using the preset temperature on the side of the unit. It is my belief that the system is indicating an overheat condition, but I have disassembled the system and clean and dust, wiped the flamerod, etc. Any help would be great.

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    how far did you disassemble the unit? did you check the combustion blower bearings? did you clean out the fuel sump? did you clean out the fuel screen? 88:88 means loss of power to the board. flashing lights means loss of fuel and or fire.


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      Thanks for the advice

      I will clean the internal filter and change the external filter next weekend. This house is in maine and I am caring for it. The pipes are drained and treated with antifreeze, so I should be OK for a few more days.

      Thanks for the help and the great advice you provide.


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        Up and Running

        Thanks for the help. As was typical with this Monitor that I have been looking after, I walked in this morning unplugged the unit and plugged it back in. The system can to life as it had been doing for the last couple of weeks. After it ran for a while and the house can up to temperature, the Monitor shutdown as you would expect. When the house cooled, the system began the startup cycle and just as is was to go into a high flame mode, the system shutdown and flashed no flame and 88:88. The next step was to unplug the unit again and start the cycle. To prove that the unit was starved for fuel, I shutoff the external fuel value and the unit exhibited the same No Flame and 88:88. At this point, the issue was related to fuel. Removing the filter found a perfectly clean filter. This drove me to checking for carbon build up in the fuel nozzle. I removed the capillary pipe and used a drill bit by hand to remove the carbon from the fuel nozzle. The buildup was restricting the fuel supply down to the lowest possible flame. After cleaning the fuel nozzle and reconnecting the capillary pipe, the system was back to working perfectly.

        Thanks for the help.


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          I'm really glad we were able to help you. Nothing makes me satisfied as to the little helps we provide.