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Hammering Electric Sprinkler Valve

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  • Hammering Electric Sprinkler Valve

    When the house was built, the remote sprinkler system valves were connected to the water supply between the water meter and the under house pressure regulator..At that time the city water supply was slightly over 80 PSI... all worked well UNTIL the city upper the water supply pressure to about 120 plus... Now this pressure seems to great for the Rainbird Electric Anti-siphon sprinkler valves and they hammer (thump, thump, thump, thump) when electrically shut off... Is there and easy way to correct this or do I have to dig up a portion of the supply line and install a pressure regulating valve in the yard? The sprinkler system can be isolated from the water supply by a ball type valve.. will throttling this valve have any impact on pressure???

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    Throttling a valve only reduces volume not pressure, when the system is idle the pressure will always be the same. Put a pressure regulator in after the ball valve if there's room


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      a pressure regulator is the only was to go. you have a wet system - that it, the lines are always charged to full line pressure. reason for a sprinkler is to form a deluge of water to knock down fire in that zone.