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Sliding Shower Door.. Cleaning or resealing...


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  • HayZee518
    this point here thought by now you'd be giving up us helps. short of spacecfaft silicone there isn't much to do. I wonder what thoughts are racing throughTroy's mind?

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  • DD716TED
    started a topic Sliding Shower Door.. Cleaning or resealing...

    Sliding Shower Door.. Cleaning or resealing...

    I have a sliding shower door that along the bottom aluminum track where it is fastened to the enclosure the caulking material on the wet side has started to show spots of mildew (colored spots).. I have tried everything I can think of to clean this caulking material (remove discoloration) but have had no luck.. suggestions? My next step would be to carefully remove the existing caulk and rep[lace it with new BUT I think the caulking that was last installed was white silicone caulk! My past experience fixing my RV, I have learned that you never use silicone as if it fails, replacement materials just will not stick where silicone has been used.. If I have to replace the caulking, is there a way to clean the fiberglass enclosure surface and aluminum door channel so that a new caulk material will stick? What replacement material would be best to use? I asked the local HW store and they said just use silicone which I don't think will stick..