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Shower problems.. Don't understand

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  • Shower problems.. Don't understand

    I have a Moen (I think Mixit) system installed in my bath/shower... The system is about 18 years old and the cartridge in the valve was replaced about 8 years ago by me.. Last week I started having water temp control issues again so I again replaced the cartridge with a replacement sold to me on the recommendation of a Chain Store Plumbing Department.. Now I have real temperature control issues.. When I adjust the water temp to a good level into the bathtub before turning on the shower all is good BUT when I activate the shower the temp at the shower head is either to hot or to cold.. Then I adjust the temp of the water coming out of the shower head to a usable temperature and then shut the shower head off, the water coming into the tub is cold! The cartridges looked the same before installation but now all is messed up! Did I do something wrong or was I sold the wrong thing.. Since I no longer have the old cartridge, I have nothing to compare the new cartridge to.. Ideas! Help! Attached is a picture of my shower setup (less shower head).. Click image for larger version

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    Some Moen cartridges can be installed 180 degrees out, maybe?


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      Bingo... you were correct... the cartridge was a 1225 and was put in with the vent hole dow instead of up... a quick reversal made everything work fine.. thanks