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    I think I can speak for my colleages as well when I say "THE ONLY DUMB QUESTION IS THE ONE YOU DON'T ASK."
    While there are many people in this world who seem to contentedly muddle through life doing things their own way, I personally believe the people who post questions on this forum honestly and sincerely hope to do the job right, otherwise they wouldn't waste their time here, they would be off doing it their own way.

    It is for the benefit of those who desire to do a job right that I like to come in here and offer my assistance. In turn, I personally feel that if i respond to a post, it is my obligation and duty to point out the correct methods as presently permitted by codes and regulations and offer little hints and tips that may make their projects go a bit easier.

    What the reader does with that information is totally up to them, for it is not within my power to inspect or criticize anyones job.

    Some have asked my why I do this? Is it ego? Do i receive any compensation? Does it in any way enhance my business? The answer to two of those questions is simply NO. I am very well adjusted and quite content with both my lifestyle and my profession, so I dont require an ego boost, and given that no one reading this forum knows the actual name of my business I dont expect this has much influencs on that either.

    Do I receive any compensation? Absolutely YES! As a practicing journeyman tradesman it is not only my obligation to do my job in the most professional manner that i can, it is also my obligation to pass my skills on to the next generation for the good of our society in general. Anyone, whether a novice homeowner, experienced DIY'er or practicing tradesman knows the fellings of personal satisfaction as you reflect upon a job done well, but if one really wants to feel a sense of personal pride take on an apprentice, and watch thier skills grow as a result of your tutalage.

    On the job my thanks come in the form of a bill paid on time, but in my heart, the true sense of accomplishment comes in the form or the "Thank You's" i receive from people who were able to complete their task with my help.

    From time to time the reader will note that we, the tradesmen sometimes, sometimes take a differing view on a problem. That is not to say that either is wrong, it simply reflects the differenees in codes, techniques, and changes in both architectural styles and climatic conditions from one region to another.

    In closing, for those less informed who post the questions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart, and for those tradesmen or advanced DIY'er who frequent our forum I thank you for sharing the opportunity to sit here, coffee in hand, and talk shop a bit. r.rinard..journeyman plumber

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    Well put, LazyPup. I made this one sticky so future visitors will have a chance to read it.



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      I'll go ahead and take this time to give you my sincere thanks. I have only posted a question a few times on this site but there is one reason I keep coming back: the GREATLY helpful responses I have received; and all of them have been from you.

      My husband and I are first time homeowners and we're both in our early twenties...we don't know a THING about fixing things inside our house and we'll be the first to admit it. Your expertise has been extremely helpful and with any problem I have in my home, I turn to this website in hopes that someone knowledgeable in the area can help me out. It's one of my bookmarked sites, and a darn good reason why I find the internet to be such a blessing! What would people like me have EVER done without it?? I know- we'd be buying brand new dryers (instead of replacing the heating element), hiring people to come out and replace a $30 part (plus labor!) and overall losing precious money in our pocketbooks because of it. So I am always appreciative to people on here who not only give me the explanation in writing, but provide illustrations to boot!



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        That's what the site is for, I am glad you have found it useful. LazyPup is great, I am impressed every day by the knowledge of his and others around here.

        I can only hope that others feel the way you do, if so, then the site has been a great success!

        I would like to remind everyone that the best way to show your appreciation is to let these guys know by posting a message such as you did, trying to answer other posts if there is a topic you know about and telling your friends about the site. Clicking on an advertiser link wouldn't hurt either! []

        My thanks to LazyPup, HayZee and all the other great experts out there who spend countless (and often thankless) hours researching and typing out these great answers! My hat is off to you!



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          Thanks lot of.