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  • 50/50 Lead Solder

    Hello. We recently had an addition built, and recently realized that, for the water lines, they used solder, which I believe was 50% Tin / 50% Lead. I live in Ohio, and was wondering if this was legal/up-to-code. We asked our local plumbing/heating shop if you could still buy this, and they said you could. But they may have been just covering for one of their best customers...


    ~Jonathon Reinhart
    ~Jonathon Reinhart

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    It has now been a code requirement since the mid 80's to use 95/5 lead free solder on all potable water supply lines.

    There is a remote possibility that someone may have used the 50/50 but if they are routinely doing any plumbing I am sure they would know to use lead free.

    50/50 is used for sheetmetal work, stained & leaded glass, vehicle radiators, craft projects and such, but it is rapidly becoming difficult to find.