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"PIPE" material for new hose bib


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  • "PIPE" material for new hose bib

    Our home is at the top of a slope/hill, with the front -front yard by the sidewalk way down below. I am tired of doing the garden hose dance every time I need to water down there so I want to run a line to the bottom of the steps and put a hose bib for easy access.

    I can go right from the hose bib on the front of the house, next to the walk way, next to the steps and down, burying everything easily and no burrowing under any concrete!.

    My question is, I can use copper tubing ( i love sweating copper), I can use rigid PVC, I can use PEX (but I'll need all the new tools and stuff), or possibly some other flex tubing. What would you old salts use for this job?

    Our water pressure is 80PSI.

    I guess I can use 1/2" pipe ?
    It\'s sometimes better to be lucky than smart.

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    Remote hose 'bib'...

    I'd use the black poly stuff used for underground sprinklers....Get it by the roll at any bos store. Get one of those hydrants that sefl drain when shut off. Also, easy to connect to the house bib. Disconnect come winter, let the water drain down, and there's no worry about freezing. YOu have an ideal situation here. That black poly is good up to 160PSI.


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      "black poly stuff"

      Gee thanks but, do you mean the cross-linked polyethylene (PEX)stuff (if it even comes in black) or the flexible Polyvinyl Chloride(PVC) stuff?

      The flex PVC, do you use the fittings, solvents and cements and connector as the rigid white stuff?

      Stuff is stuff! LOL But all stuff may not be the right stuff?
      It\'s sometimes better to be lucky than smart.


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        Water line....

        The PEX would work, but would be gross overkill. But, check at the box stores for the black fexible stuff. Comes in 1/2. 3/4 and 1" diameters. Use barbed fittings and stainless hose clamps. Heat the plastic ends in either hot water or a hair dryer to insert the fittings easier. Pretty easy stuff to work with.Not NEAR as pricey as PEX.