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Patio garden planter


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  • Patio garden planter

    I would appreciate advice on building a planter -- about 60" long by about 14" high and 14" deep.

    a. Should I use pressure-treated lumber?

    b. I am think of using 1" or 11/4" lumber for the front, back, and sides and for the bottom; does that sound right?

    c. Should I drill drainage holes in the bottom?

    d. Should I line the insides (with what) before I fill it with soil?

    e. I plan to use 6 turnbuckles holding the back and front of the planter together (3 along the lower parts and 3 along the upper parts). Any other tips?


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    When I referred to 6 turnbuckles I was wrong. I meant 6 long threaded pieces with a cap on one end to which I screw a washer and nut on the other end (<what> are these pieces of hardware called anyway?)


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      threaded rod, flat washers, cap nuts. help you?


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        Although I tend to look for whole sale flower pots for my needs, there have been several times when the best whole sale price I could find for the type of planter I needed was a custom job. I would recommend that if you are going ot be using your planters for anything to do with food that you do not use treated lumber. The reason I say this is because treated lumber uses arsenic which can seep from the wood and into your food. If you are only using it for flowers and such, then treated lumber is not a bad option. However, I recommend that you just skip the treated lumber bit and save your money for the purchase of some nice looking no/low VOC paint to put on the wood, which would preserve the wood just the same. Whether or not you place drainage holes would really depend on if the planter is used for indoor or outdoors....