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Unusual Bathroom fix


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  • Unusual Bathroom fix

    Hello! First post to the forum of many I'm sure.

    Currently a friend and I are working on his bathroom. We are in the process of remodeling the entire bathroom. The shower is a little unusual so I am here for suggestions.

    The shower is basically a metal container. The bottom of the container is rusting through. My solution is to clean out the rust chips and cover with an expoxy fill. After the holes and rust spots are protected we wanted to paint the metal, currently its painted in that 70s off yellow color. Gross. Is there any paint or products out there we can use to give a seal to prevent further rusting?

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    Bad idea to be honest, if there are rusted holes in the metal pan (where are you located ?) then little you do will solve the problem either short or long term. Very few epoxies are going to stick to a metal surface with heavy water and soap exposure for any reasonable period of time.
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      your best bet would be to tear out the whole thing, put up cement board and install a poly shower base. then do the whole thing with tile. once the metal bottom is compromised and starts to rust, there's little you can do to save it.