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ANDERSON Basement window cracked: I want to replace it


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  • ANDERSON Basement window cracked: I want to replace it

    We had the new addition out in 2004ish. I think I was mowing the grass last summer and chipped the window and now i noticed the cracks span the window-but they are just cracks.

    In the olden days before electricity , I would remove the broken glass, heat the pane, remove the window glaze, buy the pane, secure with the triangular fasteners and then reglaze the windows.hahahahaha

    welcome to 2013.

    There are sure a lot of hoops to jump through to replace a window as far as instruction or basic info.

    These are basement windows and i think they may be called awning type. probably 3ft wide or so and the sides latch down, screen on the inside, and the window opens out bottom out......

    So any IDEAS?

    First i should remove the window eh?
    It\'s sometimes better to be lucky than smart.