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Dry wall sticky needed....


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  • Dry wall sticky needed....

    I looked on YT and could not find info for mudding/finishing the inside corner nd the outside corner of where three walls meet. are butt joints properly worked?

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    sheetrock sections have a taper where they meet. this is intentional because the mud and tapes go, paper tape, mesh tape and mudis applied using a wide trowel. compound is applied as thin as possible. after dry another thin coat is applied to build up the joint almost to the level of the sheetrock board. final effect is sanded with a damp sponge or 320 grit wet/dry paper.
    Inside corner use mud and paper tape folded into a 90 degree corner and embedded in the mud. finish with thin coats between layers (as above)
    External corvers use a metal corner bead or plastic corner bead. apply mud as above in thin layers for finish.


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      I wish the ends were tapered like the sides. The sides worked out well. I do have the metal outside corners in place and most have been mudded. As are the inside corners. My need specifically is where three walls meet. Like up in the corner by the ceiling. How to nicely finish that so there's no glommped up mess in the corner. As for the opposite type corner, where three walls meet to make an outside corner, that's where the three metal beads came to a 'point' of sorts. I sure don't want that to be so sharp, so I filed the stuff back to soften it and then gently tapped it with a tack hammer to further soften and remove any sharpness. Mudding that outside corner pretty much falls into place on those beads of all three walls. I'm saving the worst for last. The ceiling. All is taped, some is mudded. Hate the overhead work.


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        finehomebuilding dot com has an article on drywall butt joints: 'how-to/tips/invisible-drywall-butt-joints' I tried this when I built my house & it works quite well, but it takes a little time. The homemade gizmos are also available commercially.