I'm repairing a water damaged bit of sheet rock that was up against the shower. I've included some pictures.

I don't understand exactly how the shower walls seal against the tub. They are in sections and I assume that they just lay on top of the tub flange with a flexible plastic seal or maybe caulk. The reason I ask is the wall repair.

I am intending to 'inject' a sealing caulk at the edge of the tub where the shower wall ends and meets the wall. That should stop the water flowing into the sheet rock. You can see the old outline of the removed sheet rock against the tub. It laid half way into the joint. It was just asking for trouble.

Is this design intended to weep here; to drain what I see is a void between the show walls and the tub?

I'd go for a look behind the tub, but the tub is attached on a stud just behind that wide side out two-by-four you see in the cut out portion of the wall. I can't get behind it and I'm not going to try.

Thanks for any info.

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