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Concreter Patio Slab Alignment


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  • Concreter Patio Slab Alignment

    When we had our patio deck concrete poured 20+ years ago, it was level with the other concrete slabs adjacent to it. The installer never compacted the clay soil nor did he put down gravel first. Now years later the slab has sunken down about 2.5 inches and is not level the the walkway into the carport. Looking for ideas on what to build a a small 2.5 inch incline ramp ramp with. Thee photo shows the difference in heights that I am talking about.. Don't want the ramp to extend to far out..

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    I have found an aluminum ramp that will work fine however..I want it to fit as flush as possible on the vertical surface between the ramp and raised concrete.. This small vertical surface is rough and need smoothing.. Question.. What is the best way to smooth this rough surface? I am reluctant to use a chisel on it for fear of removing more than desired.. How about an angle grinder with some sort of grinding disk on it?