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Help repairing Car-Decking Overhang


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  • Help repairing Car-Decking Overhang

    Our home was built in 1962 and has open vaulted ceilings made of 2x6 TnG car-decking. At some point, the previous owners replaced the built-up rock roof with a white GeoFlex PIB rubber roof with about 6 inches of rigid insulation. The insulation is only over the building portion of the roof, not the exterior overhang. The car-decking boards extend out and comprise the overhang which has two side by side vertical 2x6 's as a facia. The roof gutter is above the overhang.

    At some point during this last year a hole developed along the gutter at a spot in the front of the house. Now about a 2-3 foot wide section of the overhang car-decking boards are rotting. They are fine inside the home. The facia is also water damages though and it looks like I will have to replace about 20 feet of this and the metal flashing that sits on it on the end of the GeoFlex.

    The home is rectangular and has 3 beam lines plus the exterior walls. One beam is the central, long axis beam with the other two being half way to the outer walls from the central beam. The car-decking boards run long ways from the center beam to the edge of the roof, perpendicular to the beams.

    My question is about repairing the damaged ends of the car-decking. How can I go about this? That is, leaving out the issue of taking up and repairing the GeoFlex material (that is a separate concern). Can I just replace the damaged ends or do I have to go all the way up to the center beam of the house? If possible, how can I do this?

    I'm not sure how the car-decking is put on. Are they generally single long boards from the center all the way out, or do they have a new board at each beam? How do you fit in new TnG boards?

    Thanks, Gary

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    The boards seldom if ever will be full length, there could be two, three or four lengths making up the full run.
    Your issue is a little more complex due in part to the rubber roof.
    Can you post a picture of the damaged area ?
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      Here are a few photos

      Click image for larger version

Name:	2013-03-09_08-29-01_453.jpg
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Name:	2013-03-09_08-25-33_709.jpg
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Name:	2013-03-09_08-26-58_156.jpg
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      The first is inside looking toward the outside wall. it is about 10 feet from the beam to the wall. The other two pics are obviously from outside showing the water damaged area.