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  • AC repair

    Hey guys , so quick question I have this problem with my AC cause it keeps shutting off and I think its from the coils but I cant tell. I don't want to replace it cause I'm not ready to buy one yet so in the mean time I've been looking for cheap alternatives and I stumbled across this AC mister thing I don't know if its good or not . Should I buy? Its called Mister AC cooler and its on a site called indiegogo

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    Did your AC work correctly when it was installed?, if yes then it has a problem that needs servicing not some add on device that treats the symptom but not the cause of the malfunction, nevertheless the swamp cooler adaptation your refer to could mask the problem long enough, then again if the AC has low refrigerant or dirty condenser coils, (yes the need annual cleaning to work correctly), the swamp cooler might just make things worse


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      call an HVAC company