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Adding DRIP CAP to existing roof..


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  • Adding DRIP CAP to existing roof..

    I had a carport built several years ago and it was roofed without installing a drip cap on the edge... I now want to install a drip cap but am concerned that the existing roofing might be nailed so close to the edge of the roof that I won't be able to slide the 1 1/2 edge under the roofing without hitting existing nails..
    Is there anyway to get around this or do I have to pull the existing roofing nails and reinstall them with the drip cap in place? I am hesitant to pull the nails for fear of creating leaks.. any help or ideas would be appreciated..

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    They do make drip edge with a smaller lip. You will probably still have to pull some nails. I would use a putty knife and a small cats paw. Use the putty knife to get some space under the head. Then pull the putty knife back and use the cats paw while protecting the roofing material by prying against the the putty knife. Then slide the new drip edge under the roofing and renail. I would use a dab of roof cement or silicone on the nails. Be careful not to rip any shingles. Hope this helps.