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Adding Gutter Downspout - necessary?


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  • Adding Gutter Downspout - necessary?

    I have a section of metal gutter on my house about 40 ft long that has only 1 downspout on it at one end. Although the gutter has never overflowed, during the rainiest of winter months about 1/2 of standing water remains in it at the end without a downspout. Probably was installed without the proper downward flow angle... Would it be wise to install another downspout at the upper end to remove this water in the winter or just wait until I eventually replace the entire gutter and do it correctly? The gutter is in great shape now except for the winter standing water.

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    you could put a downspout fitting and end seal fitting in the run. something that long would be angled out from center to the ends


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      That's what I was thinking as well....40' long it should have a downspout at either end (high point in the middle of the run).
      Although, you say you have never had a problem and your going to change out the gutters in the near future, might be a case of "leave what's not broke alone"
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