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Gutter Drainage issue


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  • Gutter Drainage issue

    when my home was built, the plans called for the gutter on one side of the hose to be approximately 70 ft long with a downspout at each end draining into a pipe connected to the storm drain.. I have been told that once the house was completed, the builder had forgotten to run an underground drain line from one down gutter downspout to the storm drain so the owner thought that if the gutter was angled down right, one downspout would be enough.. He/she was wrong.. When I bought the house I saw that one downspout was not able to handle all the water in a heavy rain.. Since the area that an under ground drain line would have to be installed in for a second gutter on the other end, was now covered by concrete, that was out of the question.. SO.. I installed a downspout in the middle of the gutter and it drains into a rain barrel for collection and then on to the storm drain with a 1 inch pvc drain line. Never had any problems EXCEPT that the end of the gutter without a downspout is a little lower than the middle section of the gutter is so it retains water as I hope the picture shows.. I have thought about just raising this end of the getter a little BUT worry that the gutter nails/screws would be very close to going back into the same holes they came out of thus would not work.. QUESTION.. Ideas on how to do this, or would it be expensive to just have a gutter company remount the the gutter at a proper drain angle or even replace the gutter? Thoughts