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lawn mowing problems

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  • lawn mowing problems

    This year when I started mowing the lawn, I notice something strange and different.. It appears as though the rotary lawn mower is breaking the grass instead of cutting it smoothly.. The blade was resharpened in the off season and it was not reinstalled upside down.. Could it be that I just need a new blade or does something happen in the spring when the grass has had a lot of moisture all winter long... It looks terrible... HELP

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    Frizzed ends...

    That's a definate sign the blades are dull and are ripping the grass. It could also mean the blade speed is too slow. That can happen when the belt wears down and starts settling deeper into the pulleys. Sounds trivial, but it's true. If the blades are sharp, then I'd look at the belts and replace them. Use the best quality belts you can, by the way....


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      No Belts...Must need new blade!

      My mower has no belts to wear so I must need a new blade.. The current blade is an aftermarket blade so maybe I should get an exact replacement from Sears??


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        Mowing issues...

        I take it then that it's a walk behind? If so, then it can only be the blade. Other than engine speed, of coarse. But if you're running the engine at wot, then it has to be blade related. Hmmm...could also be blade slippage, come to think of it. How is the blade attached to the spindle? One center bolt? Any 'anti-spin' pins? Two bolts?


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          New Blade

          Although the old blade appeared sharp, there were several areas in it the were nicked and dull... I replced the entire blabe with a new one.. will see what happens next cutting.. Thanks